Heavy rain lashes Mumbai, water-logging reported in many areas

Heavy rain lashes Mumbai, water-logging reported in many areas

Heavy rain lashes Mumbai, water-logging reported in many areas

MUMBAI: Severe rainfall attacked Mumbai and surrounding areas from the night before.
Many parts of the city were flooded with heavy rains, releasing normal life out of speed.

A total of 79 bilge pumps are operational which 38 are located in the city of Mumbai, while 26 in the eastern suburbs and 15 in the western suburbs. BMC has a total of 313 sewage pumps placed in different locations in the city, which was commissioned every time there is a water that operates in a certain place.

Rain was recorded during the last hour: 12h-12h in Dadar-11mm, Vikhroli -24mm, -14mm Kurla, Dindoshi-18mm, Andheri Goregaon and -13mm, -11mm and BKC Bandra-10mm.

While the Colaba observatory recorded 56.8 mm of rainfall, Santacruz recorded 12.8 mm from 11 pm yesterday to 7 am.

Commuter rail services have also been delayed in the morning and trains lasted up to 20 minutes late, shaking up daily commuters from the office, especially on the central line and the port.

Heavy rains have also led to logging in many areas, including the Gandhi market and the end of the Tilak Bridge in Dadar.

The BEST buses were hijacked on No. 24 Sion and Vidyavihar. Meanwhile, six complaints of falls were recorded in the management of BMC disasters since last night.

Department of Meteorology of India, Mumbai offers heavy rains in isolated areas within the next 24 hours.
There is a warning of high tide of 4.81 meters that is given today in Bombay at 2:39 pm. Citizens were asked to stay away from the sea.

Meanwhile, in the watersheds, the quantum of water from the lakes that supply Mumbai and its suburbs has reached 24.26% of the useful content of 17.63%, on Saturday.
It has to happen because the drainage system created by Britisher has some limitation and shiv if nothing has been corrupted to modernize and expand only by dividing the money and giving free hand bully
The water content Tuesday – 3.51 lakh million liters – in the seven lakes is the best compared to the last two years. On Saturday, June 24, water reserves amounted to 2.55 lakh million liters.

Mumbai receives water from Lake Tulsi, Vihar, Tansa, Alta Vaitarna, Vaitarna Media, Bhatsa and Modak Sagar.

Last year, the same day the quantum of water in the lakes was a lakh million liters, while in 2015 it was 3.38 lakh million liters. Water stocks should be lakh 14.47 million liters at the end of the monsoon Mumbai to meet the needs of a year.

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