Rule Making Aadhaar Mandatory Stays For Now, Says Supreme Court

Rule Making Aadhaar Mandatory Stays For Now, Says Supreme Court

Rule Making Aadhaar Mandatory Stays For Now, Says Supreme Court

NEW DELHI: There will be no freezing by now the government’s notification that binds Aadhaar benefit systems, including midday meals, the Supreme Court said today.

The court heard a petition that wanted the status quo to Aadhaar, fearing that the emphasis could lead to students not being deprived of meals at noon.

“No order can only be taken on the basis of apprehension. The Center has also extended the date from June 30 to September 30 and there is no emergency,” the court said.

Notification Center said that before June 30 Aadhaar will be required to meet various benefits, including the plan of lunches, scholarships, admission, domestic air transportation, demand for cell phone numbers among other things.

The Center has now told the court that Aadhaar’s latest filing date has been extended. Those who do not have Aadhaar must apply before 30 September and no one will be deprived of any benefit.

Should the case to July 7, the court said: “You realize how many were deprived of lunch at noon and to inform the Court, we can not have a situation can issue orders in an uncertain situation.”

Applicants – including Ms. Shantha Sinha, former chair of the National Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child – said the new rule violates an earlier Supreme Court order.

Aadhaar, read the petition was a “unstable, unreliable, unnecessary and inadequate technology project, which imposed coercion on the most vulnerable part of the Indians and threatened their daily constitutional and legal rights and duties.”

In response, the government declared Aadhaar obligatory to help individuals receive services through Aadhaar-based authentication. No genuine person will be denied benefits because of the lack of Aadhaar.

The government also said that due to Aadhaar, Rs. 49,650 cr have been saved in two years on the benefits of the direct download program, which has been drained by false identities.

The question of Aadhaar’s violation of privacy has already been referred to a constitutional court of five judges.

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