As Prime Minister Narendra Modi Meets Donald Trump, US Clears $2 Billion Drone Deal

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi Meets Donald Trump, US Clears $2 Billion Drone Deal

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi Meets Donald Trump, US Clears $2 Billion Drone Deal

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets with Donald Trump, the United States is eliminating a $ 2 billion drones market
These 22 unmanned guardian drones will be a force multiplier for the Indian Navy that has bought other advanced technologies, including the Boeing P-8 aircraft.

Guardian drones will stimulate intelligence, surveillance of the Indian Navy
Deal will increase bilateral defense trade to nearly US $ 19 billion
Predator Guardian UAV can stay in the air up to 27 hours

The United States has unlocked the sale of predatory Guardian drones in India, while President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi today pledged to deepen their defense and security cooperation.

The United States and India are eager to work together on state-of-the-art equipment and technology at a level consistent with America’s closest allies and partners, a statement issued after the Summit of States -United States in India at the White House.

“President Trump and Prime Minister Modi are committed to deepening defense and security cooperation, building on India’s recognition of India as a key defense partner.

“In reflecting on the partnership, the United States has offered to India the sale of Sea Guardian Unmanned Aerial Systems, which would strengthen India’s capabilities and promote shared security interests,” said The release.

In resolving to expand their maritime safety cooperation, they announced their intention to rely on the implementation of their “White Ship” data sharing mechanism, which promotes collaboration on maritime awareness.

Mr. Trump welcomed the support of PM Modi in the United States to join as an observer in the Naval Symposium of the Indian Ocean. Noting the importance of the forthcoming MALABAR naval exercise (involving the United States, Japan and India), the leaders decided to expand their commitments on shared maritime objectives and explore new exercises.

Earlier in his remarks to the press, PM Modi said there are more and more opportunities to strengthen cooperation to protect “our strategic interests (who) will continue to determine the dimensions of our partnership.”

“With regard to security challenges, our strengthened and growing defense of security cooperation is extremely important. We have spoken extensively on this subject.

“The strengthening of India’s defense capabilities with the help of the United States is something we truly appreciate. We have also decided to strengthen cooperation in maritime security between the two countries,” said the First Minister.

“President Trump and I talked about strengthening bilateral defense technology and our trade and manufacturing partnership, which we believe will be mutually beneficial to us.

We also discussed international issues and our common strategic interests in this country, “he said. Mr. Trump said the US-India security partnership is incredibly important.

“Our armed forces work every day to strengthen cooperation between our military forces and next month they join the Japanese Navy to participate in the largest maritime exercise ever conducted in the vast Indian Ocean,” said Mr. Trump.

On 22 June, the media reported that prior to PM Modi’s visit, the United States released the sale of 22 predatory Guardian drones, a force multiplier that will strengthen naval intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities Indian.

The agreement was estimated at two to three billion dollars, according to reports, adding that the decision was communicated to the Indian government and the manufacturer by the State Department.

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