Voters send two more Democrats to the Oklahoma Capitol

Voters send two more Democrats to the Oklahoma Capitol

Voters send two more Democrats to the Oklahoma Capitol

Democrats overthrew Tuesday two districts controlled by the Republican Party, which has allowed the Oklahoma minority party to boost momentum for a long special election season as they prepare for 2018.

Voters decided Tuesday that the Democrats represented the Oklahoma Capitol after their election resigned in disgrace, leaving them free seats and forcing the mid-year contest.

Michael Brooks will be the new District 44 Senator in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, defeating Republican Joe Griffin.

Brooks won with more than 54 percent of the vote. On Facebook, he thanked fans and said that the race was on teachers, budget cuts and families.

“In our hearts, we know that we are better than low-income schools and poorly paid teachers. We know that we are better than a budget that puts the burden on everyday citizens,” Brooks wrote.

“We are better off than families who work two or three jobs only at the end of the month. We all think we are better than that.”

Brooks is an attorney who has focused on immigration issues in Southside practice. Griffin is a former television reporter and a communications assistant for two of the house’s speakers. He studied to become a lawyer.

Both were able to campaign in favor of the Legislative Assembly; Brooks tried the same seat in 2014 and Griffin missed a home run in last year’s election.

Senate banking has been vacant since former state Sen. Ralph Shortey, resigned amid accusations of child prostitution.

In the 75th district of the Tulsa house, voters chose Karen Gaddis to replace former state representative Dan Kirby, who resigned after an investigation into sexual harassment lawsuits by a former assistant.

Gaddis beat Tressa Nunley with more than 52 percent of the vote.

Several special elections will be held this year due to resignations and one death. After Tuesday, there will be four other competitions.

Norman voters will elect a new representative after the representative of the state Republican Party, Scott Martin, left to head the Norman Chamber of Commerce.

House District 46 Republicans chose Darin Chambers over two other candidates for the general election elections in September. Rooms will face the Jacob Rosecrants Democrat.

Other upcoming elections include seats in the House and Senate, the Tulsa metropolitan area and a Senate seat in southern Oklahoma City.

Chambers, who has championed other shows Republican Charlie and Jimmy Shannon, said he faced a fierce battle and would not help his general election.

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