Fallout from FBI headquarters decision leaves losers all around

Fallout from FBI headquarters decision leaves losers all around

Fallout from FBI headquarters decision leaves losers all around

When members of Congress are questioning Trump administration officials during a hearing on Wednesday to maximize taxpayer money and reduce waste on federal property, they will have a good example of how everything can go wrong.

The headquarters of the main crime fighting institution in the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, collapses, but the government has failed to build a replacement.

More than a decade after FBI officials began pushing a house to replace the J. Edgar Hoover building, and six years after a government report identified long-standing security problems with property, Has canceled its search for a new location.
The FBI is not the only loser in this outcome. State officials, county officials, developers, architects and engineers, and of course taxpayers.

The decision was widely condemned by Maryland and Virginia officials who have spent years pushing the office to move its 11,000 seat employees to one of the last three websites: Greenbelt, Md., Landover, Md., Or Springfield, Virginia.
“I am frustrated by our leaders in Congress and I am frustrated by the position of the administration, but this is not surprising,” he said. “It seems to be just typical of Washington.”

Real estate developers who have spent more than two years to their proposals and have spent millions of dollars to design and plan a new campus have hands on. An official estimated that 50 million had been spent by companies and local jurisdictions on the short-term project.

Garth Beall, director of Fox Development, said he had worked on the project since 2010 and his investment group had spent 8 million on plans for a 2.1 million square foot high security campus in Greenbelt to meet the Requirements of the FBI.

“This is symptomatic of the problems facing Washington today,” Beall said. “That something as obvious as this, they have struggled to do is interesting.The status quo is costing them hundreds of millions of dollars and legitimately compromises the safety of the American people.”

GSA officials said Tuesday that the financing gap was $ 882 million, not even though Congress accepts $ 523 million for the project in 2017. Acting Administrator Timothy Horne must testify before a subcommittee the House on Wednesday to “maximize the profitability of Taxpayers and reduce waste in the real estate sector. ”

[For the DC region, the disappearance of the FBI plan means “a lot of wasted time and energy”]

“In the future, without full funding puts the government at risk of increased costs and potential downside in the value of real estate developers, J. Edgar Hoover would receive as part of this market,” GSA said.

But Democratic legislators in Maryland did not buy the Trump administration’s argument that funding had derailed the entire project. They told me they were allocating a large sum of money and asked the agency to present a new resettlement plan in Congress.

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