Facebook’s Messenger ads are bad and must be destroyed

Facebook’s Messenger ads are bad and must be destroyed

Facebook’s Messenger ads are bad and must be destroyed

When Facebook removes messages from the main application, I vowed then that I would never download Messenger.

This was a pretty simple promise to keep, especially since they presented the brilliant idea of ​​huge ads that occupy the middle of the screen while trying to use the service.

Today, Facebook has redesigned them as part of a larger deployment – but do not define the reasons why these ads are bad and must be destroyed.
The ads can be “dynamic”, as FB told me, but damn it, look at the size of things. They are too large for the interface to invade, the larger picture than any other design element.

Even in the official video and published images, the sponsored section takes about two-thirds of the screen, and you better believe that this is the best case.

Why so big? The advertising service said they could not sell anything that did not complete the application? Do not they want to ask for smaller assets after asking the first ones? What do people think of as commercial as well as commercial?

At least now there is only one advertisement instead of a series you will be asked to explore. I think the engagement with the carousel was lousy – you would think, hmm, there are not enough announcements from my RSS discussion?

Disrupt user experience

To be fair, even good ads disrupt some user experience. But this is simply too much. As soon as the application opens, touch the center of the most commonly used main interface: an advertisement that takes care of the contents of the screen is open access. This is intolerable.

I asked Facebook users what evidence they had said about the ads. One representative told me that “we monitored people’s commitment up close during the initial test and the results were promising …” and that “since we started the test in Australia and Thailand, we have put people’s experience first , And we are going to continue to give our priority tests more Messenger announcements. ”

The idea that these ads the result of the first experience of the person is, of course, ridiculous. If Facebook did that, he would never have eliminated the main Messenger application in the first place, much less heavily loaded huge advertising.

When I asked again what the user comments were indeed, I have not received any response. I also asked if users can expect to see ads only once, or every few threads, or what – but no information either. We soon find out, but I guess they keep their options open in this case.

Is it possible to add ads on a mobile screen next to your content messaging? On! In fact, I would bet that Facebook considers several models that have done just that and have rejected.

When you visit an online retailer, you get a popup that indicates the registration to our email list and you get 10 percent of your first purchase. I agree with that.

When I search on Google for “air bed” I see results sponsored by items in Walmart before the rest. I agree with that as well. When I read an article on Anandtech, I see ads as power supplies (well, since the Channel Kitchen). On!

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