De Blasio faces Germany trip backlash

De Blasio faces Germany trip backlash

De Blasio faces Germany trip backlash

NEW YORK – Mayor Bill Blasio went to Germany last week to make a statement and join demonstrations against Donald Trump at the G-20 summit in Hamburg – but ended up with dozens of police officers who turned their backs To him at a funeral Tuesday by a murdered New York police officer.

The political reaction to travel Blasio – decided to go to Germany just a day after the officer, Miosotis Family, was ambushed while sitting in a police vehicle – was run by ‘city enforcement unions and is fed by the press pink.

The controversy reached a boiling point Monday when President Donald Trump responded to a Fox News story critical of the Mayor’s decision to travel.
Republican strategists stacked up, trying to pierce the aura of political invincibility Blasio before the November election. It is unlikely that the strategy works, but stresses the mayor’s continuing struggle to establish a politically relevant role on the national scene while balancing the daily demands of his job as mayor of the city.

“The optics are terrible,” said Tom Doherty, the Republican political consultant, Mercury Public Affairs partner and former assistant to Governor George Pataki.

Speaking at the funeral, Blasio has tried to assert his support for the most explicit police force after days of negative headlines and a few pages of the prey of tabloids who criticize his decision to travel.

“We are here to support each other, we are here to support her family and, above all, we are here to fulfill all that she defended what she believed everything she did.” We afflicons with this extraordinary family, “said Blasio pie On a covered lectern in the Bronx with a family photo.

“We have to help our police in every way, just as we ask them to help us in our need to tell us all, if someone threatens a police station – anytime, in person or online – we have That alerting the police about the threat. If an agent is in danger, we must help them. ”

De Blasio said he was engaged in the overseas trip after learning that he would not miss Funeral Family.
But Blasio’s juxtaposition appearing in Germany around foreign protesters who threw stones at his own police forces have fueled likely Republican opponent Blasio, Nicole Malliotakis, who faces long odds of winning the November election.

“New Yorkers and the media should ask Bill Blasio a simple question: Do you use the City Hall as a simple soap box for a race for the National Democratic ticket in 2020,” Malliotakis said in a press release.

Ed Mullins, chairman of the New York police sergeants union, said this weekend that Blasio had not shown “any kind of leadership” after the Family murder.

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