Pejawar pontiff faces flak for iftar at Udupi mutt

Pejawar pontiff faces flak for iftar at Udupi mutt

Pejawar pontiff faces flak for iftar at Udupi mutt

Udupi: Sri Swamiji Vishweshateertha of Pejawar Mutt, who organized a Saturday iftar demonstration at the Sri Krishna Mutt Complex, where Muslims prayed and had snacks Annabrahma Salon face puddles on the hard line. “This has done damage to the Hindu community,” said the founder of Sri Ram séné Pramod Muthalik who Swamiji met on Monday.

Muthalik said: “This is an embarrassing act Pejawar seer is not only Swamiji Udupi but also the leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad While VHP members are struggling to protect each cow even at the cost of sacrificing their life .. the Swamiji Invited cow massacre in the Mutt. Is not acceptable “.

He added. “Political parties are competing with each other to organize Iftar parties, but when it comes to the Mutt it is a matter of religion and culture. This meeting could be sued by the Swamiji side, we nor again allowed to occur.

Let Swamiji to his friendly gestures, but not in the temple enclosure. What type of message is not transmitted to cow protectors? “Sri Ram Sena plans a bandh across the country on July 2.

Sri Swamiji of Pejawar Mutt Vishweshateertha said: “I have done nothing wrong It was a simple program, however, a sector of society criticized me …

When Hindouard faces problems, we have struggled to protect him for thousands of years. I did not want to hurt anyone by gettingtogether organization. It was a gesture of friendship, peace and solidarity. ”

He said that one should not be a problem. “This program gives a clear picture that the Hindu community wants to live together in peace.Namaz was not made in the temple, it was not held in the dining room.It is your choice to take snacks after namaz and the room was given for this .

They are not the only ones with beef, many Hindus as well. The Muslim community met with Sri Krishna Mutt. They expressed their solidarity with us during the Udupi Chalo movement and collaboration during the celebrations of the paryaya is commendable. In 1904, a seer was escorted to the house of Haji Abdullah. There are cases of good relations with Muslims, “he said.

He was asked about the claim that Muthalik Ganeshotsava and other festivals are not held in a mosque, Swamiji said that Muslims were invited to preach in the mosque and that he was also invited to open mosques in Bhatkal, Udupi, Kasargod, Mangaluru and others places.

District Secretary PCI (M) Balakrishna Shetty said: “The Iftar meeting is a good sign of coexistence in Muslim society at times have had a good relationship with Krishna Mutt. If people of all religions coexist in harmony, we can Have a healthy socity.

Phaniraj, a social activist, said. “Pejawar seer has every right to participate in religious activities at his premises, however, not only is it an indicator of a Brahmin sect to organize this kind of fraternal activity (iftar tertulia), he does so because he wanted to show that he is the head Of the sweet face of the VHP.He wants to project himself as the guardian of minorities, iftar is a political strategy. ”

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