Need to make Muslims feel Govt cares: BJP minority cell

Need to make Muslims feel Govt cares: BJP minority cell

Need to make Muslims feel Govt cares: BJP minority cell

Questions about the government’s silence on attacks on Muslims, including lynching on behalf of cow protection, BJP Minarity Morcha chairman Abdul Rasheed Ansari said on Monday he was “worried” about attacks on minorities and that They should be made to think that “the government cares.”

“The community must have an atmosphere where it feels safe and the government takes over,” Ansari told The Indian Express in the framework of Eid celebrations organized by BJP high leader Shahnawaz Hussain.

His comments came on the day a village of Ballabhgarh, home to Junaid Khan, 15, who was stabbed to death after being called a shepherd upon returning from Eid shopping in Delhi on June 22 was black bands to protest against the murder.

He was asked about the silence of the BJP in incidents, Ansari, who joined the Bharatiya Jana Sangh and became president of the Morcha minority four years ago, said: “I am not interested in just as a member of the community, but as A citizen of India and a member of a political party.My group is also concerned about the incidents. ”

“No one can doubt the Niyat (intention) of the BJP leaders and the party-led governments,” he said, adding that the lynching incident on the train could not be called “government failure.”

“It could be said that police and security personnel could prevent such incidents.We may raise their fingers because of their inability to control them.But three or four members of security personnel and police can not do anything against a crowd Of hundreds.well it is true that they could have alerted others, “he said.

According to Ansari, burning rakshaks of scandalous incidents such as the Dalit flogging in Gujarat last year the prime minister’s statement was a message against all these incidents.

Last August, the prime minister spoke out against the violence of vacheurs, claiming that most of them were “antisocial” elements who were using “tents” in the name of cow protection.

“It was a voice from his heart, because the Dalits and minorities have been victims.” On a larger canvas, the oppressed were included, “said Ansari. “The prime minister can not make a statement on all issues,” he said.

Even at the National Assembly meeting in Bhubaneswar BJP in April, the prime minister, Ansari said, spoke of the “need to care for minorities.”

Said Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind, citing the current atmosphere of the community had canceled the Eid Milan event scheduled for June 30, said: “It is their decision according to them, was a way to respond ..”

He declined to comment on the central ministers hosted Iftar party hosted by President Pranab Mukherjee in Rashtrapati Bhavan last week. “I do not know how many were invited, of course the ministers could be invited, but only those who were invited could say why they do not leave.”

Ansari said he had raised minority concerns with the leadership of the party, including the BJP chief Amit Shah and the prime minister on several occasions and I have “listened with patience.”

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