Firstly, tell us about digital art; how it is different?

The only difference is applying mouse on monitor instead of brush on canvas. Here too, we need concept at first, then thought starts taking shape. Digital art also follows the six basics as the other forms of art. Digital artists are quite
comfortable with mouse in applying colours rather than others. I use Photoshop to draw different images and later put colours in them.

Doesn’t the present society take this art form not seriously in comparison to other long time traveling art like painting in acrylic or oil?

It’s not true fully. People have begun recognizing digital art as a new form and, taking and talking about it. But some still are not taking it a full fledged art as they have immature thinking of technologies making a work easy to do. Such
laymen do not even know aboc latest technologies in form. A true ar man understands it well that forr doesn’t matter. The creativity, dept- of thoughts and presentation the’ matter; whether it is acrylic or oil : digital.

What about your theme – Rupantaran (transformation)?

I take change as an eternal trur and so wanted to work upon this Rupantaran is Hindi term fc transformation meaning change Everything is changing as the time s What the lifestyle was before 5: years is not at present. So I shower the intermediate point of appear-; and disappearing at the same time 1 is like one is going out and anothr one is coming in the place of forme-

What about vibrant colours geometrical and natural textures

I like vibrant colours as they shc» enthusiasm and vivacity. I don’t use dull colours because they decree: – energy level. Vibrant colo. . propagate positive message so I use positive colours mainly. Changes s • expressed around the theme- transformation and a change she. d be for good not bad. Keeping cha-r- into mind reality and pleasure are :: taken into account.

What is theme of your life ; you are very lively?

Positive attitude and living every moment. I am a positive ~: t and don’t let negative thoughts come in my mind. I take every moment *-9i| joy not as a burden. In harsh tnJ too, I just have to do my duties * ■ happiness. What else can I c: :q change a tough time!

What are the transformat: – going to take place in your ar coming time?

I don’t know. I will do what the and profession ask for. One thr: sure, I will be doing painting in c : form as it gives me the pleasure can’t be expressed in words.


\ work in a demanding office and have two young children. My mother cares for my kids when I am at work though we have servants. My husband’s sister who is a housewife has recently come to the same city and arrives at my doorstep every Sunday, so I have to pander to them and their family. What do I do for this encroachment on my weekends?

You are justified in feeling some resentment and need to strike a balance. You cannot just ask her to never come over, but maybe you can allocate a weekend a month to her and in return ask her to do some childcare for you.

Often people back out when you ask them to do something – ask her to cook the lunch and bring it when she comes; or ask her to care for your kids one weekend while you go out with your husband. Do share your concern and solutions with your husband before he starts to oppose you publicly.

In our office every employee of the team takes the others out for a meal once a month. There is a new addition in the group from another department and he is always on the phone and speaks loudly during the meal when we go out. It disturbs others and the meals are no longer fun as they used to be. Who should be responsible for telling him?

Colleagues eating out together is a great way to do serious team building. If somebody new
misbehaves you have to point it out sooner than later. It can be done by e-mail or face to face but obviously it has to be addressed. Give him the option of getting up from the table and talking somewhere else if he thinks he is unable to ignore the calls for the hour or two when you are supposed to be eating and relaxing together. Attending phone calls during a meal is socially bad manners and must be discouraged.

My child goes to a very fancy school and I am finding it very tough to keep up with his constant demands of what he wants from his mother. He keeps saying all other mothers do it. How do I compete with other mothers who might have more time or creativity?

Children are simple beings but it is

My friend has been unfortunate in being a mother. I am expecting         my

second baby and my friend just suffered a miscarriage. What do I do? How do I console her and not let her get jealous?

You should forget about your pregnancy and offer all the support in the most natural way. Do not expect her to be jealous and, what­ever else you do, do not shut her out from your situation. Give her your patience and time, ask her how you can help and listen to her. If she has your support and love she should not be jealous but happy for you. If she says she needs time and distance, give her


human nature to be competitive a: it is natural for him to want the sa ~ e standard that everybody in his sc~: :> has. Befriend some of the – ‘ideal’ mothers and find out t~er mantra for success. See how you osr imbibe some of it. Be honest •• ~ your child and share your shc-> comings if you are truly unab e cope and manage what he demanding of you and explain r is that way.

My problem is my in-laws p and my growing children.

The more I try to discipline them about eating habits the more my in-laws spoil them by getting them junk food.

What do I do as I don’t want to stop their access to chi arm but it is driving me crazy?

Grandparents are known to t’:e* the kids the world over to ga – ** trust and love of their grandchiiZ’eiuj You have to speak to the gra*jl parents and discuss the health ssjs of these junk food items. Te. the limits you set for your kies e: they too can look forward to on:e month treat. Tell the grandpa s : that you do not wish to alienate ” and they will respect that hones

I am 24 and met this young mar s ■ wedding two years ago ‘<* exchanged telephone numbe; sn we talked a lot on the phone. I vs another town and he even ca^s visit me once but then started ::: off. I really miss him and would I • s contact him before I start else.’ – What should I say and he* approach him?

It is sad when feelings ae reciprocated. The fact that re cooled off obviously means the man has changed his mind a: forgotten to even tell you decide to approach him, you have to be honest and ask him what his current situation is ar: wants to pursue a possibility v. :but be prepared for a rejectior ready to assess his honesty.

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