CHIC STYLES FOR THE SHORT How to create the impression that you are taller than you are. By K. Bra-

Requently, short women long to look taller. This innate desire may be fulfilled to a great extent through the illusions created by the smart use of lines and colours. Lines formed by either seams or prints do influence the looks of a person. Always remember the following tips while making judicious choice of your clothes to appear taller than you actually are:

  • Emphasise the vertical lines in the dresses as these guide the movement of eyes along the length and create an illusion of taller figure. Lines may be created through

seams, tucks, sharp creases or pleats, lengthwise rows of top stitching, long slits of shirts, placket openings and row of buttons; laces, braids, contrast bindings and embroidery design in lengthwise direction. Remember, if your eye movement is guided uninterruptedly along the lines of a design in a lengthwise direction, then the effect of greater height is created.

  • Contrasting colours may also create a strong horizontal line and break the continuity of the eye movement along the length. Avoid the use of contrasting colours for the upper and lower garments. Say no to contrasting belts.
  • Greater illusion of height is created through the use of a narrow panel in centre front of shirt than a wide panel. Two vertical lines placed
    wide apart produce the effect of w err instead of height. Look for sing e breasted blazer.
  • Narrow vertical stripes place: along the entire width of the drer might create the effect of w ~ instead of length.
  • Narrow horizontal stripes a : •: the length of the garment create ~e effect of height due to ladder e~r: created by them.
  • Diagonal lines create the efer of height as well as width. The efer created by the diagonal depends on the angle and direc :~ of the lines.
  • Avoid the use of dom-” = _ horizontal lines as these lines •• create the effect of an increase – width.
  • Small prints, dainty embroc-e- work and soft textures will flatte- ■:: personality. Opt for fluid fabrics ~ . good drape, for creating a na~r« profile. Heavy fabrics, large p- and heavy embroidery tenc overshadow the feminine person – Avoid the use of bulky and ~ fabrics unless you are very thin
  • Avoid the use of contrasting borders for the ss shirts or other dresses. Neve pants and jeans with cuffed bor
  • Avoid the use of large she. bags.

Besides, careful selectic* accessories and hairstyle can a:s a long way to create the illus height. You may make use of heels for formal occasions. The you carry yourself in the ct costume further affects your •:: Therefore, look into the ~ critically to assess the impact r you wear.


When Dame Luck choose to smile on someone, honours and distinctions come that person’s way, just as it has happened in the case of Katrina Kaif. As if it was not sufficient that she was declared as the sexiest girl in the world, she has also been chosen for the Rajiv Gandhi Award.


hahid Kapoor who had earlier been singled out for being Asia’s most noted vegetarian has also been chosen for the Rajiv Gandhi Award for his contribution in the field of entertainment. Shahid who plays a double role in Kaminey is surely coming up fast.


ome        films arouse great

expectations which are not realised. Like Kambakt Ishq, for instance. And there are others which fare better at the box office than expected. Example? Love Aaj Kal. The film has turned out to be a gold mine! Our congrats to Deepika Padukone, Saif Ali Khan and indeed, the producers Eros International.


hah Rukh Khan has bagged yet another distinction: his starrer My Name is Khan will, he hopes become the first film to be seen by people who have never matched Indian cinema before, thanks to the new
distribution agreement he and – £ al Johar of Dharma Productions -I signed with Fox Star Studios. G a a |

hile on Shah Rukh Kha~ nJ superstar was, repose: 1 detained at New York airport J one of his recent visits to the – SJ hopefully, he didn’t feel too az itm for being treated as just a: -A Indian’. Security authorities ~ have had their own reasons fo- : « what they did.


usic director A. R. Rahma- *.tJ recently bagged two C.-J Awards for his music in


Millionaire has been included in the list of 25 Indians who have made outstanding contribution in their chosen fields. You have done filmdom proud, Rahman.


talented actress who recently made her debut as director with Firaq Nandita Dass has now given yet another dimension to her achievements. With the special issue brought out by prestigious magazine The Week, Nandita has started writing a column too. Some people never rest on their laurels.

Rani Mukherji and Priyanka Chopra are scheduled to attend Toronto International Film Festival from 10th September to 18th October, 2009.



t’s good to know from Sunny Deol that the Deols have not called it a day yet and that he has liked the work of some of the new directory, including Anurag Kashyap. Hopefully some new director will soon make a film like Ghayal which bagged nine awards. What do you say Sunny?


t is learnt that Shekhar Kapoor is thinking of making part II of his blockbuster film Mr India, and he’s approaching Sridevi to play the female lead again opposite Anil Kapoor. An actor has already been finalised for the role of Magambo.


ani Mukherji and Priyanka Chopra are scheduled to attend Toronto International Film Festival from 10th September to 18th October along with Asheetosh Gowarikar whose film What’s your Rashee will be shown at the festival.


eeping his good health in view, it was in the fitness of things that
on the occasion of completing its one year, the organisers of Bombay Gymkhana invited Sanjay Dutt to be a part of the celebrations. Sanjay was shown using the gym equipment.


ishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan will work together again though not necessarily opposite each other in a film tentatively titled Crooked. The first 40- day schedule of the film, an espionage drama, will be held in Mumbai from 4th January. Next stints will he held in Thailand, Greece and London.


obby Deol and Kangana Ranaut starrer Vada Raha will have a grand opening at the Norway Film Festival. The film directed by Samir Karnik is a sweet love story which stresses that one should never lose hope.

Skin Care Tips

‘* Use a good cleanser to cleanse your face. It should be a everyday regimen. This is the best way to moisturise your skin completely.

  • The weather is still unkind. You live in humidity and perspire much more. Therefore, you require a lot of energy. Your diet must be nutritious. Eat health- food so that your skin remains soft and tender. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits suitable to the season.
  • If you apply foundation daily as a habit, go for the light-weight one.

The heat is unbearable. Make use of the

  • best cosmetics available in the market.
  • Vitamin E oil works effectively for keeping the skin healthy and glowing. Apply it

*. before you retire for the night. When you get up in the morning you will see the result – smooth and shining skin.

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Reverting (reluctantly though) to Shah Rukh Khan and his detention at Newark airport in USA, to appease his hurt pride and ego, not only has the Governor of California, once an actor, invited Shah Rukh to Washington, the U.S. ambassador in India, Mr Raomer, has said SRK, a global icon is welcome in America and many Americans love his films. Satisfied, SRK?


hen Vishal Bhardwaj did the casting for Kaminye he didn’t reckon that an unwanted character named Swineflu would play a spoil sport at the time of release of his film and make a big dent in the film’s box office collections.


f the spread of the dreaded flu is not controlled at the earliest, many producers and directors may be prompted, to postpone their releases. Entertainment is important for people but surely, health is more important.


ith ample free time on his hands, Amitabh Bachchan has started selecting the choicest poems of his father, late Harivansh Rai Bachchan, to put them in a book form. The book is to be published by Gyan Peeth, will be released on 27th November, 102nd birth anniversary of the celebrated poet.

Starlet Koena Mitra is a self-confessed
animal lover.



allika Sherawat’s career in Bollywood may not have made much headway, but      she’s

compensating herself    with
international honours! She ha; become the first Bollywood celebrto be made a citizen of the US by tb; Los Angeles Mayor for her charitab ; efforts. Congrats, Mallika.


beautiful young girl who mus‘ indeed be one of the happiest r the enviable box office success of Love Aaj Kal is Giselli Monteiro – Brazilian national. She says The filr has been great launchpad for me She plays a coy punjabi girl in the film, and looks forward to working r many more films.


t speaks for the popularity of film; made in Bollywood that even Ker.; has a Bollywood club. The club ha: recently organised a four-day safa- for starlet Koena Mitra, a se_ confessed animal lover. It provice: her fine star treatment, including ; balloon ride. Wow!


f Arbaaz Khan (yes the brother Salman Khan) has not been a: e to make it big as an actor for one reason of the other, let’s hope heT do something worthwhile as ; debut-making producer w r- Dabanng.


ne can imagine inconvenience caused to cast and crew of Vijay Gilani’s Ve when the five-day shooting schecj of the film at Pune had to : cancelled because of the swine* scare. Salman heads the cast.


ans and admirers of dusky lo~ legged beauty Shilpa Shetty Richard Gere fame?) will delighted to know that she’ getting married soon. Our wishes to the couple.


here is excitement in the a • a Malshej Ghat, a tiny hamlet ao: _c 150 kilometres away from Mu’::! because Aishwarya Rai, Abhis*^i Bachchan and other members c *t| cast of Mani Ratnam’s film flaa*- are going to shoot there. Pecc ■ around the area are waiting to ha.- .

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