There is an old saying that if you want to know a household properly, check its kitchen and bathroom. Truly, kitchen and bathroom tell volumes about the hygienic habits of a household. Hence, it is a must to give full attention to the cleanliness of these two essential parts of the house.

Kitchen is the place where food is cooked for the family. Cleanliness of the kitchen is hence necessary for healthy food and in turn health of the family members. And in the bathroom family members attend to their daily
bodily needs. But in most of the households, it is big question how t<5 keep kitchen and bathroom clean.

Daily cooking and cleaning of utensils leave a lot of grime and dirt in the kitchen working shelf and sink. Even the gas cylinder starts rusting the floor in due course. Overtime, it becomes very difficult to clean the kitchen shelves and sink.

There are a number of methods available to keep your kitchen clean. Some women use bleaching powder to clean the shelves and sinks in their kitchen. It has its advantages and disadvantages too. While it acts fast on fresh stains, but proves ineffective on old and permanent stains. Other disadvantage is it corrodes the skin if used for long.

Some women use vinegar for keeping their kitchen clean. It is
although safe cleaning agent, but more than often fails to remove even simple stains. Moreover, in long term vinegar proves costly.

Using soaps and detergents to keep kitchen and bathroom clean is simply very cumbersome and time consuming. Besides, desirous results are not obtained always. Moreover, these do not kill all the germs present in kitchen grime and hence do not give complete sterilisation.

Now, a company has introduced a potent kitchen cleaner in cream form. Its unique creamy formula is packed with powerful micro particles to remove even toughest stains of burnt milk from the inside effortlessly.

Not only this, it can be used on almost every surface and every type of stain, be it grease, grime, burnt food or soap remains.

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